The string that saved the world

The performance revives traditional storytelling aided by string figures. The narrative derives from the rich Inuit mythology and leads the spectator all the way from the creation of the world to modern times. Throughout the ages humanity’s coexistence with nature is monitored by the Kalupalik, mythological beings with green skin and sharp claws, half human, half fish. In our story the Kalupalik act as nature’s guardians, preserving the balance between nature and humans. They personify the threat posed by destroying this fragile balance. Through this ancient fairy-tale the performance implores the spectators to realise the danger that climate change presents to us and consider how they can prevent it from happening.

V medijih:

ČASORIS, 11. 12. 2019

12. 11. 2019, Intimni odrer GT22, Maribor in
17. 11. 2019, Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana

21. 11. 2019 Dom kulture Kamnik
23. 11. 2019 Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor
7. 3. 2020 EX-teater, Ljubljana
7. 8. 2020 Ne-festival gledališča zatiranih, Gornji Grad
13. 8. 2020 festival Reciklart, Ljubljana
18. 9. 2020 Plesni Teater Ljubljana