What you are looking at is a handbook entitled “Webbing Theatre” containing exercises, games, and techniques from the field of Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre Pedagogy that can help you to work online with a variety of target groups.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus has strongly impacted everyone’s lives. Among the most affected areas were also theatre and activism which are based on live contact, community and solidarity, group work, and cooperation. Facing this situation we asked ourselves: “How to go on?” The answer is, of course: to work online. But it is not so easy to digitalize techniques that evolved through live contact over thousands of years by simply setting them in front of a webcam. Deeper reflection and an experimental, laboratory approach were necessary, as well as the exchange of opinions, approaches, experience, and good practice.

The main aim of the Webbing Theatre project was to build a diverse international multiplying community of activists and theatre-makers implementing Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in youth work, in order to equip young people who will participate in online activities (workshops, festivals, performances) with competences for critical thinking, proactive citizenship, creative expression and social engagement. Together we reflected and developed new methods and forms of artistic expression that allowed for fruitful and relevant functioning during adverse epidemic circumstances. The content of the manual consists of an explanation of the basic terminology, examples of good practices from each of the partner organisations and concrete theatre exercises, games and techniques adapted to working online.

Project partners: KUD Transformator, KURINGA, POKAZ, Financed by: Movit, ERASMUS+, JSKD Slovenia